I’ve been very busy lately doing a few courses and generally improve my skills as a designer as well are improved my skills as a small business.

Its important to keep refreshing your skills. There’s always something to learn both as a designer and as a small business owner and I just wanted to share a few of these with you here, hopefully to inspire you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone to do bigger and better things.

The first course I did was free Creative Revenue Roadmap Challenge with the wonderfully talented Mye De Leon https://myedeleon.com/. This was a weeklong challenge to really focus in on your Ideal Client (IC) so you could effective market your product or service to them to creative sales. Because sales are important! I LOVE what I do but if it doesn’t sell and make money then its really just a hobby.

After the week Mye announced winners to this challenge and I WON. I was the grand prize winner!

This was FANTASTIC and really gave me a boost! It was a intense week with lots of work and it was as much of a lesson in making the time to do the work as it was creating and targeting your IC. But all the work paid off and I was so pleased to have won a free place on her next course; The Art of Selling.

I’ve also been lucky to win three hours of free PR from a fantastic local PR agency called Faith PR. In support of International Women’s Day, Faith PR asked female-owned businesses in the region to reach out and pitch how they would benefit from the PR support in growing their business. https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/business/brighouse-communications-agency-empowers-female-owned-small-businesses-this-international-womens-day-3158340

I pitched and WON! So I’m really looking forward to chatting with Stefanie fromĀ https://faith-pr.co.uk/ later this week.

I’ve also won a free place on Summer School with https://makeitindesign.com/ which will be later in the year. I love doing these every year it really get my design juices flowing and it a great to share, support and connect with other designers in my field of expertise.

So it has been a very busy few months studying and ‘behind the scenes’ work to improve my business but hopefully this has inspired you to do the same!