As well as designing, Catherine has always wanted to write her own children’s books.

She published her first book, a colouring book titled ‘Passion for Patterns’ in 2017 which combined both her creative outlets; designing and writing, before publishing her second book in 2019 on Yorkshire Day. A children’s fictional chapter book titled ‘Samphire the blue dragon’.

Catherine has written a number of smaller picture books and currently working on illustrating them ready for publication.

If you are a agent or publisher and are interested in representing Catherine, contact her here.

Passions for Patterns Colouring Book

Passion for Patterns is a delightful exploration of some of the most iconic designs and patterns in our world, including styles like pop art, Islamic, arabesque, damask, and art nouveau whilst also explaining the basic features and history of each of these designs.
Have fun colouring in paisley, patchwork, geometric, and floral patterns. The designs will encourage you to develop your own unique style and sense of colour!

Each page will teach you something new, but more importantly, it will also relax you.
The simple act of creating something colourful and delightful will offer some welcome relief from stress at the end of your busy day!

Samphire the Blue Dragon

This is the first fictional children’s story by Catherine Davis, having previously published an adult colouring book titled ‘Passion for Patterns’ back in 2017.

Blue dragons are royalty, and, in every generation, a blue dragon is born to rule the kingdom. The King, however, is not ready to give up his throne.
Only an hour old, Samphire is cruelly snatched from his mother and taken to the King to decide his fate.
This magical adventure is about love, loyalty and friendship and a race against time to save the new-born king.
Will his father find Samphire before it is too late?

Book 3 - Coming Soon

Catherine is currently working on her new book on fairies based around her hometown of Hebden Bridge.

Soon to be published in 2021