First post in my blog for 2021 (this is something to celebrate in itself because I’ve not really blogged before)!

I wanted to start by showcasing my new website and all the creative services I offer from Art and Illustrations, surface and textile design, wedding stationery, my books and I even dabble in origami, but I’ll tell you more about that later. I LOVE doing them all, so I guess I consider myself more of a ‘creative’ than a designer nowadays!

So, take a moment to look around my new (awesome) website, soak up my design and illustration ‘style’. Have a look at my online shops at:


Etsy and

Totally Locally–GF_SlbltT5Y5A3giLiuJibhCTI7LExpU

or contact me directly if would like to work with me and see my textile and surface design portfolio.