I’d like to tell you a bit about my first fictional Children’s chapter book called ‘Samphire the blue dragon’ and why I wrote it.

Samphire the blue dragon

Whilst I was on maternity leave with my first born, some 12 years ago, I started writing children’s stories for him. Most of these stories were short, picture book stories and I still have them all nicely filed away on my computer today. I used to read them to him (not that he can remember any of this!) and make changes, correct typo’s, etc, and then nothing. I never sent them to publishers or agents. They just sat there in my notebook, then typed up on my computer filed and tucked away never to be seen again.

However there was one story I wrote that was longer, some 20,000 + words to be a little more accurate and I called it ‘Samphire the blue dragon’.¬† My eldest son liked dinosaurs and like watching Pete’s Dragon (the original Disney version) and as I played dragons and dinosaurs with him and watched the movies the idea of a dragon story came to mind.

Moving forward to 2017 and I finally self-published that book on Yorkshire Day on Amazon¬†https://www.amazon.co.uk/Samphire-blue-dragon-Catherine-Davis/dp/1086123689and I’m delighted to have had lots of positive reviews about it!

Now in 2021, I’ve been thinking about rewriting it into a picture book to appeal to a much younger, early years audience. It took some doing because in my head it was always a chapter book full of friendship and battles, hardship and loyalty, but I had a go and sent it off to Hatchette Children’s Group just a few weeks ago. I don’t have an agent (would love one!) so its an unsolicited picture book, but thankfully (and like many other publishing houses) they are open to that.

So fingers crossed for me everybody and wish me luck. What a dream that would be? What a BIG tick off my bucket list to be a published (not self-published) author and have the support of a publishing house and an editor behind me. And if you interested in reading about the book or purchasing it, you can buy it here:


I, of course, would like to illustrate my own books too. Well, why not?