Its just over a year ago now since i created my FREE colouring sheets in support of our wonderful NHS and keyworkers.

Like the rest of the country, Lockdown 1 was a shock. It was strange to be indoors, no school, no work, no seeing family or friends and like everyone else, we adapted the best that we could.

Home schooling was hard. I am not a teacher and that in itself took some getting used to (Phew! and I glad that’s all over now). I missed designing, illustrating and the workshops I had booked in, were naturally cancelled. It was all a bit…..what now?

I was conscious of my family and friends who were nurses or keyworkers and all the hours they were working to care and support the many thousands upon thousands of people who contracted Covid-19 and I just felt a bit useless. I started asking myself ‘what can I do?’ ‘How can I help?’. Not being a keyworker, there was little else I could do except keep my family safe and be there for family and friends on the end of the phone.

It was then that I thought of creating FREE locally themed colouring pages for the public to download and colour in. keeping the kids busy for a bit, giving parents a break and supporting our wonderful NHS staff and keyworkers.

I created five free colouring sheets in total covering local and Yorkshire landmarks like The Piece Hall, Stoodley Pike, Packhorse Bridge in Hebden Bridge, Whitby Abbey

I shared there all across my social media pages and in lots of local Facebook pages too so that as many people as possible could have access to them. The response and reach was fantastic, with some parent sending me photos of their little ones colouring them in. This really made my day!

And then i was in both local papers!

I was delighted that the public liked them and that they were supporting our keyworkers and NHS workers by displaying them in their windows.