Hello 2022!

Firstly, I must apologise, I’ve been EXTREMELY lax at keeping my blog up to date. The last 6 months of 2021 was really busy for me, and I just kept putting it off and then BAM! 2022 arrived!

So, here’s a little recap of the last 6 months…

I won a swimwear design competition run on Instagram by a fantastic ethical British company called usual Objections.  The prize was an actual costume made in your design so I’m excited for the costume to arrived – I need a new one!

I also designed some bright and bold prints for a new customer who makes ladies clothes. Now, I don’t normally design for fashion so this was a first for me and I loved it and again, I get to have a sample of one of the dress to showcase and show you all so watch this space

I’ve also been working on a number of commissioned greeting cards for charities and local businesses, which is something I do enjoy doing. Its also pretty fun when you actually get the card through the post from them too (being their customer!) ha ha!

I promise I will be more proactive with my blog for 2022 and post more frequently. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!