I have been designing and working as a designer for over 17 years.

I graduated as a Textile Designer from the University of Huddersfield specialising as a weaver and have been lucky enough to always be employed in a design job. Starting as a junior designer to designer then senior designer and then, finally, going freelance. It all seemed like a natural progression for me and right from the very beginning I wanted to be a freelance designer building my own brand and getting to work on lots of exciting project and products. And I have.

I’ve worked on nursery products like travel cots, changing bags and kids’ car seat covers to luggage and passport holders. I have designed patterns for rugs, doormats, runners and round Christmas tree mats to draught excluders, cushions, and bathmats.

I have illustrated for bedding sets, to curtains and kids playmats to stationery and I LOVE working on them all! All different products, for quite different markets and customers and they have all been a joy to do. Most have been other my clients brandings, but its such a great feeling to see my designs out in the market.

But I have never stopped learning. I think its important to keep learning new skills, new ways to design, maybe revisit old skills that you ‘once did back in school or university’.

I myself am always inspired by other designers and artist and have over the years learned a lot from them.

I have taken several Make it in Design https://makeitindesign.com courses run by Rachael Taylor and her team and continually take the Summer and Winter School courses each and every year which are trend-led design briefs to get your creative juices flowing.

I have also signed up for Make Art That Sells https://makeartthatsells.com   courses by Lilla Rogers and more recently signed up with Shannon McNab with her free Sketch Design Repeat Sketch Design Repeat courses which are great for giving you prompts for designing!

If you are an artist or designer and have never heard about these designers and their courses before I would highly recommend you take a look. It might just be the ‘next step’ you’ve needed.

”Every designer, artist can learn from each other, be inspired by each other and push themselves and their work to the next level”. Catherine Davis