How are we all doing? Keeping busy creating new work for your agent? Your online shops? Your customers or just yourself? Are you getting noticed though by the people you want to notice you?

Since the beginning of February I’ve been joining as many online (mostly on Instagram) art and design challenges as I can, tagging in the founder of the challenge or using the relevant # hashtag to get noticed. Its meant that other designers and artist using the same hashtag can see my work when they search the #hashtag and I can guarantee art or design directors are looking at these too for idea, inspiration and even to find new creatives to work with!

So, (I hear you ask) what are the art and design challenges out there and which one should I choose?

Digitally illustrated Gerbera’s

Well, I would join in as many as you can. If your designing florals for example you could #7dayfloralchallenge set by Make it in Design as well as #bloomingthroughartchallenge (both these are in February) AND

  • #inspiredbynature
  • #creativelifehappylife
  • #floralfridaycompetition (only on Friday’s of course!)

This opens up your work to EVERY OTHER creative following and doing this challenge, every art/design director or manager looking for new idea and the founders of these fantastic challenges. Your visibility on social media will grow so much! In fact, throughout February I have increased my followers by 50. Now that might not be amazing but its a steady increase of like-minded followers interested in the things I’m interested in designing and sharing. And you only need ONE of them to be a buyer or design manager to reach out and make contact right?

Floral Lettering

I look at each and every like and follow of my work on Instagram and if its a company who works with or buys designs I reach out. Don’t be shy! What have you got to lose? The worst they can say is ‘no thank you’ and just like any other designer – I’ve had a lot of those. It doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to them again in 6 months with your new body of work.

So, to all you creatives out there, join a challenge, #hashtag it and tag the founders in it and pay attention to whose liking and following you and REACH OUT!