Last week I talked about art and design challenges and how it is worth getting involved in them to raise your profile on social media and connect with like-minded individuals. Well, here I am practicing what I preach!

March is the month of #marchmeetthemaker a challenge created by Joanne Hawker. She outlines the whole month, what to post about on what days, so you’ve got some inspiration and ideas to work with.

So, ‘without further ado’ here’s my day 1 : BRAND

I thought I would start by introducing myself, even though if you are here reading my blog, you already know a bit about me.

Now don’t worry it won’t all be about me (Single with two handsome boys – Thomas 12 and Ryan 8), but more about what I do and more importantly how I can help YOU!

You’ve probably landed here following reasons – the challenge (because you’re doing it too), you are already a follower of mine (thank you by the way!) or simple saw the post and wanted to know more. Well, you’ve come to the right place my friend 😊

I am a creative! I creative commercial, trend-led placement prints, illustrations, and patterns for a variety of businesses and their products through licensing, buyouts or freelance work. This is all B2B and I love it!. Its such a thrill to know what you’ve designed for your clients sell and sell well and I love seeing my work out in the marketplace.

I do also do some B2C work, consisting of:

Completely bespoke wedding stationery for couples who want their wedding to be a gorgeous reflection of their story together.

Bespoke, personalised HOME illustration for you, your partner, new homeowners, businesses, birthday or an anniversary gift.

And just to add to the mix, I’m a self-published author of two books, both available on Amazon: Passion for Patterns Colouring Book and Samphire the Blue Dragon children’s fiction book.

So, definitely a creative! And I love it 😊